Thursday, 5 February 2009

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible

Due to the nature of blogging I've lost the structue I need to follow. This should be rectified as soon as possible.

And to anyone coming back to check on my progress. The late forties and fifties are not missing. I just thought I'd do a little Quantum Leaping. I'll get back to them later.

1988 has been added, again out of sequence. Additional notes to cope with the three screen listing, although the basic message is if the film is listed as "No.1 thats screen number and film that showed until changed.
no number listed is one day/ evening special normally marked as such.

My notes from my original manuscript don't cover any time it was used by the Fringe, as a POD venue and C- electric. With my Fringe blogs taking up a little part of my life looks like I'll have more to add.

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