Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sean Connery The Odeon's Twin

Born in Edinburgh on the 25th of August 1930; yes it's the same day the Odeon/ New Victoria opened.
Raised in Edinburgh , he of course like many of Edinburgh 's population at that time spent some of that time in some of Edinburgh 's many cinemas. His home in those early years was Fountainbridge; there were around eleven cinemas all within a mile.

His first jobs were that of milkman; delivering in and around the streets of Gorgie and Dalry. Then undertakers assistant.

His first role as actor was in a stage production of South Pacific. In around 1956/57 he was back in Edinburgh for a stage production of The Mermaid, which was on at The King's Theatre.

He'd got bit parts in film from around 1954, although it wasn't until 1958 that he got a "starring" role in Walt Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Of course four years later he would land the role that would make him the household name he is today; that of James Bond in Dr No.

In my early years in the cinema Bond films were always the most anticipated films I had to see in my time in the Odeon.

He's now moved well away from his early James Bond days. Playing such diverse roles as scientist through to Irish policeman. Starring alongside the cinemas new action stars like Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner and Wesley Snipes.

In 1991 he was given the freedom of the city.

(He's now a supporter of the SNP and his support always seems to make the news; but perhaps (not wanting to take any political side, it's because he's lucky enough to live in Spain )

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