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The Concert Listing


March 20th Deep Purple
July 23rd-25th The Corries
August 26th- 29th Corrie Folk
September 2nd-5th
September 9th-12th

Corrie Folk - The Corries with guest artists.
Paco Pena
Cy Grant
The Mcdonald Sisters
Dorito y Pepe
The Johnstones
Tyler Achre
Spencer Davies
Bonnie Dobson
Draught's Poridge

November 28th. Julie Felix, The McCallums
December 27th The Corries

August 13th Syd Lawrence and his Orcestra
August 22nd Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary

December 4th Humphery Lyttelton, Alex Welsh - A Tribute to Louis Armstrong
December 17th Yank Lawson, Bob Haggart and The Worlds Greatest Jazz Band
December 19th The Corries

March 19th David Hughes - A Viennese Evening
May 28th The Corries

November 1st Up Country
November 3rd The Four Tops
November 8th Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton John
November 9th George Hamilton the IVth.


January 7th The Corries
Feburay 17th Freezin Heat
March 3rd Slim Whitman
April 7th Roxy Music
May 23rd Paul McCartney and Wings
May 27th The Corries
August 31st The Corries
September 1st The Corries
September 7th The Corries
October 13th Lindisfarne
November 16th-17th Cliff Richard


April 5th The Incredible String Band
April 12th Mick Ronson
May 15th The Spinners
May 25th Alvin Stardust
May 29th Black Sabbath

June 4th Lou Reed

October 12th Mud
October 15th Uriah Heep
October 31st The Bay City Rollers

November 15th Golden Earring Lynard Skynard
November 21st Sparks

December 10th The Rubettes


April 29th The Bay City Rollers
October 16th-17th Sparks
October 21st An Evening with Bette Davis

November 26th Uriah Heep
December 6th Mud and Bilbo Baggins
December 14th Jim Cruickshanks Gala Night.
compere Stu Francis.
The Mimics, Mike Wade


April 22nd Nazareth
May 14th, 16th Average White Band
May 28th, 29th The Alex Harvey Band
June 23rd Silk
August 8th Country and Western Festival
Ethna Campbell
Carl Gibson
Wayne Nutt

September 25th Be Pop Deluxe

October 24th Patti Smith and The Stranglers


March 11th Val Doonican

September 30th Dr Feelgood
November 25th Peter Straker
December 6th Boomtown Rats


Feb 4th Judas Priest
April 18th The Commodores

May 5th U.K.
May 23rd The Maddy Prior Band
May 28th AC/DC
May 29th George Benson
June 14th Jonathan Richman
June 22nd Boomtown Rats
June 30th UFO
July 14th Jasper Carrott
September 13th Blondie
September 25th Brand X
September 28th The Tom Robinson Band

October 1st Rose Royce
October 7th Dr Feelgood
October 9th Steel Purse and China Street
October 18th Kraftwerk
October 23rd The Buzzcocks
October 27th Whitesnake
October 31st AC/DC

November 1st Sham 69
November 7th Judas Priest
November 16th The Clash
November 20th Lindisfarne
November 21st The Cheiftains
November 26th Devo


January 15th,16th Elvis Costello and The Attractions
January 23rd The Kinks

Feburary 20th Herbie Hancock
Feburary 21st Steve Hillage
March 5th Bad Company
March 6th Graham Parker
March 13th Eddie and the Hot Rods
March19th Elton John
March 24th Bootsy Rubber Band
March 26th David Essex
March 27th Motorhead
March 30th Folksong 79

April 1st The Hollies
April 6th Frankie Miller
April 16th Thin Lizzy
April 23rd Jean Jacques Burnel
April 28th April Rush

May 1st Child
May 2nd John Miles
May 7th Denis Brown
May 12th The Tubes
May 19th Renissance
May 23rd- 26th Status Quo

June 1st The Police
June 3rd Robert Halpern
June 9th The Who
June 19th Third World
June 21st Steve Hackett
June 29th Dave Edmonds "Rock Pile" with Nick Lowe

Jul 29th-30th Ian Dury and the Blockheads

August 29th Rickie Lee Jones

September 15th Louden Wainwright III
September 20th XTC

October 6th Buzzcocks
October 17th Whitesnake
October 23rd Camel

November 1st Steve Hillage
November 17th Hawkwind
November 21st Motorhead
November 22nd John Martyn
November 28th The Kinks
November 29th Talking Heads

December 7th The Dickies and Chelsea
December 10th The Jam
December 11th Leonard Cohen
December 15th Wings
December 21st The Specials

Febuary 5th Robin Trower
Febuary 6th Iggy Pop and The Stooges
Febuary 16th Spyro Gyra

March 1st Peter Gabriel
March 5th Gillan
March 19th Judas Priest

April 4th Jasper Carrott
April 11th Jerry Rafferty
April 23rd Genesis
April 24th Judie Tzuke

May 21st Suzi Quatro
May 22nd- 23rd A.W.B
May 30th The Undertones

June 1st Saxon
June 3rd Joan Armatrading
June 6th Whitesnake
June 13th Steve Hackett
June 30th Magnum

August 6th Ted Nugent

September 15th Ozzy Osbourne
September 16th Secret Affair
September 20th Rick Wakeman
September 22nd Ther Tourists
September 25th Rory Gallagher

October 3rd The Skids
October 17th UFO
October 23rd Ian Gillan
October 24th The Dooleys
October 31st Simple Minds

November 3rd Motorhead
November 4th Tangerine Dream
November 9th John Martyn
November 11th O.M.D
November 14th Dexy's Midnight Runners
November 19th Hot Chocolate
November 22nd Sad Cafe
29th Hazel O'connor

December 5th The Dammed
December 8th Ultravox
December 9th Madness
December 12th Hawkwind
December13th Saxon
December 18th Steeleye Span


January 20th April Wine
January 22nd Slade

Feburary 20th Krokus

March 9th Iron Maiden
March 21st Mike Harding

April 10th Showaddywaddy
April 21st Girlschool
April 29TH Echo and the Bunnymen

May 1st Tigers of Pan Tang
May 13th Barclay James Harvest
May 14th Japan
May 16th The Cure
May 23rd Stiff Little Fingers
May 26th Wishbone Ash
May 29th Toyah

June 6th The Teardrop Explodes
June 7th Trust

July 1st Diamond Head
July6th Duran Duran
July 19th Def Leppard

August 23rd Arthur Negas on Antiques

September 13th Hazel O'connor
September 19th Nazareth
September26th Ultravox
September 27th Sad Cafe

October 9th Gary Giltter
October 10th Hawkwind
October 25th Andy Williams

November 8th Gillan Budgie Nightwing
November 13th The Dammed
November 25th Hot Gossip
November 26th The Cure
November 27th Gary US Bonds
November 29th The Pretenders

December 7th Squeeze
December 8th Slade
December 15th Rose Tattoo
December 16th Nils Lofgren
December 17th Stray Cats, and Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages

As of March 1982, the cinema was converted to a triple picture house. The reduction in size meant as a venue for bands and artists the Odeon was no longer a draw.

Robert Halpern Hypnotist was a regular attraction right up until the ninties.
The Man, another did have a short run in the late eighties.

And the last of the big names to play was Rick Wakeman. He played three concerts in August of 1987, with Kitt and the Widow.

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