Tuesday, 3 February 2009


January 2nd Hey, Hey, USA (U)
Wives Under Suspicion (A)
January 9th Crime School (A)
Breaking The Ice (U)
January 16th The Adventures of Marco Polo (U)

January 23rd The Lady Vanishes (A)
Slander House (A)
January 30th Algiers (A)
The Affairs of Annabel (U)
February 6th The Rage of Paris (A)
The Cheat (A)
February 13th The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (U)
Smashing The Racket (A)
February 20th That Certain Age (A)
Danger on The Air (U)
February 27th The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse (A)
Anything To Declare (U)
March 6th My Lucky Star (U)
Cracker Jack (A)
March 13th Care-free (U)
Border G-Man (U)
March 20th Marie Antinette (A)
Farmyard Symphony (U)
March of Time no.10
March 26th The Show Boat (U) Charity Screening

March 27th Suez (U)
Stage Fright (U)
Three Wicked Sisters (U)
The Grand National
April 3rd Old Bones of The River (U)
Girls on Probation (A)
Donald Duck- Donald's Golf Game (U)
April 10th The Shining Hour (A)
Wanted By The Police (A)
April 17th Sweethearts (U)
How To Raise a Baby (U)
April 24th You Can't Take It With You (U)
Nightshirt Bandit (U)
May 1st The Young In Heart (U)
The Gaunt Stranger (A)
May 8th Just Around The Corner (U)
Down on The Farm (U)
Merbabies (U)
May 15th Stolen Life (A)
Next Time I Marry (A)
May 22nd The Cowboy and The Lady (U)
Consider Your Verdict (A)
Sea Melody (U)
May 29th Climbing High (U)
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (U)
Donald Duck- Donald's Lucky Day (U)
June 5th Kentucky (U)
Pardon Our Nerve (U)
June 12th Dramatic School (A)
Come on Leathernecks (U)
March of Time
Royal visit to America .
June 19th Trade Winds (A)
It Happened In Paris (A)
Royal Visit To America and Canada
June 26th Cafe Society (A)
The Night Hawk (A)
Film of The Dream Girl Contest Finalists (E)
July 3rd The Sisters (A)
Nancy Drew Detective (U)
July 10th The Duke of West Point (U)
A Ducking They Did Go (U)
March of Time no.1
July 17th Thanks For Everything (U)
Mr Motto's Last Warning (U)
Donald Duck- Beach picnic (U)
July 24th Off The Record (A)
The Great Man Votes (U)
July 31st Jesse James (U)
Tom Sawyer Detective (U)
August 7th Ask a Policeman (U)
Ambush (A)
March of Time no.2
August 14th Son of Frankenstein (A)
Exposed (A)
August 21st Trouble Brewing (U)
Winner Takes All (U)
August 28th The Ice Follies of 1939 (U)
Trunk Crime (A)
Donald Duck- Hockey Champ (U)
Sept 1st The Mikado (U) Charity Premier.

Cinema closed from the 2nd of September until the 18th of September.

Sept 18th The Mikado (U)
Society Smugglers ( )
Sept 25th The Little Princess (U)
Everybody's Baby (U)
Oct 2nd I Killed The Count (A)
Sweepstake Racketeers ( )
Oct 9th The Hardy's Ride High (U)
Lone Wolf's Daughter (U)
Oct 16th Gunga Din (U)
Major Difficulties (U)
Oct 23rd Union Pacific (U)

Oct 30th A Girl Must Live (A)
Mr Moto on Danger Island (A)
Nov 6th Three Smart Girls Grow Up (U)
Risky Business (A)
Nov 13th The Four Feathers (A)
Donald Duck - Donald's Cousin Gus (U)
Nov 20th Bridal Suite (A)
Silent Battle (U)
Nov 27th Shipyard Sally (U)
It Could Happen To You (A)
Dec 4th The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (U)
Home Boner (U)
Dec 11th Wuthering Heights (A)
The Battle Fleets of Britain
Dec 18th Captain Fury (A)
Orphans of The Street (U)
Dec 26th When Tomorrow Comes (U)
Boy's Reformatory (A)

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