Wednesday, 14 January 2009


January 3rd Ester Waters (U)
Gas House Kids Go West (A)
Jan 10th It Had To Be Good (U)
Man-eater of Kumson (A)
Jan 17th Slightly French (A)
Fury (A)
Jan 24th Call Northside 777 (A)
Secret Tunnel (U)
Jan 31st Up in Central Park (A)
Larceny (A)
February 7th Look Before You Love (A)
Good Morning Boys (A)
Feb 14th Mother Wore Tights (U)

Feb 21st Once a Jolly Swagman (A)
The Connors Case (U)
March of Time- The Fight Game (U)
Feb 28th T-Men (A)
The Noose Hangs High (U)
March 7th Portrait From Life (A)
The Last Load (U)
March 14th The Luck of The Irish ( )

The Counterfitters ( )
The Cuckoo (U)
March 21st Britannia News (A)
So This Is London (A)
March 28th The Paradine Case (A)
This Modern Age- The British are They Artistic (U)
April 4th Eureka Stockade (U)
Badger Green (U)
April 11th Vote For Huggett (A)
Secret Service Investigator (A)
April 18th Whispering Smith ( )

Speed To Spare (A)
April 25th Scott of The Antartic (A)

May 2nd The Blue Lagoon (A)
Rolling Home (U)
May 9th A Yankee in King Arthur's Court (A)

May 16th The History of Mr Polly (A)
Kings of The Turf (U)
May 23rd The Bad Lord Byron (A)
Cover-Up (U)
May 30th Floodtide (A)
Canon City ( )
June 6th Cardboard Cavalier (U)

June 13th Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House (A)
The Window (A)
June 20th The Perfect Woman (A)
Jigsaw ( )
June 27th Enchantment (U)
Sports Seranade ( )
The Ostrich (U)
July 4th Fools Rush In (A)
King of The Gamblers (A)
July 11th Marry Me (A)
Dear Octopus (A)
July 18th Passport To Pimlico (U)
It's a Wonderful Day (U)
Jul 25th Mexican Hayride (U)
Criss Cross (A)
This Modern Age no.25 (U)
August 1st Manhandled (A)
Two Blondes and A Redhead (A)
Aug 8th Helter Skelter (A)
Reign of Terror (A)
Aug 15th Whisky Galore (A)
My Dog Shep (U)
Aug 22nd Hamlet (U)

Aug 29th Kind Hearts and Coronets (A)
Fiddlers (A)
Sept 5th The Huggetts Abroad (U)
Illegal Entry (A)
Sept 12th That Lady in Ermine (U)
Chicken Every Sunday (A)
Sept 19th Tulsa (A)
Here Comes Trouble (U)
Sept 26th Madness of The Heart (A)
Artic Manhunt ( )
Oct 3rd Trottie True ( A)
Johnny Stool Pigeon (A)
Oct 10th Mr Belvedere Goes To College (U)
I Cheated The Law (U)
Oct 17th The Lost People (A)
Escape To Happiness (A)
Oct 24th Magic Town (U)
Race Street (A)
Oct 31st Chicago Deadline (A)
Follow Me Quietly (A)
Nov 7th The Chiltern Hundreds (U)
Shop at Sly Corner (A)
Nov 14th A Star is Born (A)
Forty Minutes at The Zoo (U)
Nov 21st Diamond City (U)
Abandoned (A)
Nov 28th House of Strangers (A)
Dec 5th Red Hot and Blue (A)
And Now Tomorrow (A)
This Modern Age- India and Pakistan (U)
Dec 12th Abbott and Costello Meet The Ghosts (A)
City Across The River ( )
Dec 19th Slattery's Hurricane (A)
Rusty's Birthday (U)
Dec 26th So Dear To My Heart (U)
Kidnapped (U)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


The Sound of Music


Jan 9th Tunes of Glory (A)
Seaward The Great Ships (U)
Feb 6th The Wackiest Ship in The Army (U)
The Trunk (A)
Feb 13th A Breath of Scandal (A)
Blue Print For A Robbery (A)
Feb 21st Spartacus (A) Gala Premier

Feb 22nd Spartacus (A)

May 1st Double Bunk (A)
The Wind of Change (A)
May 8th Cry For Happy (A)
High School Caesar ( )
May 15th The Big Gamble (U)
Day's of Thrills and Laughter (U)
May 22nd Spare The Rod (A)
The Impersanator (A)
May 29th Reach For The Sky (U)
Doctor at Sea (U)
June 5th The Alamo (U)

July 17th The Secret Ways (A)
Posse From Hell (A)
July 24th The Misfits (A)
This is Lebanon (U)
July 31st Flame in The Streets (A)
Partners in Crime (U)
Aug 7th The Absent Minded Professor (U)
The Horse Masters (U)
Aug 14th Two Rode Together (A)
A Question of Suspence (A)
Aug 21st The Young Savages (X)
Here We Go Again (U)
Aug 26th The Last Rhino (U) Sat. Morning Premier.

Aug 28th The Last Sunset ( )
Information Received ( )
Sept 4th No, My Darling Daughter (U)
Murder in Arden (U)
Sept 11th The Hoodlum Priest (A)
Compelled (U)
Sept 18th Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea (U)
Dossier (U)
Sept 25th The Parent Trap (U)
The Horse With The Flying Tail (U)
Oct 2nd The Defiant Ones (A)
So Evil, So Young (A)
Oct 9th Goodbye Again (A)
Girls,Girls, Girls (U)
Oct 16th A Cold Wind in August (X)
Mary Had a Little (X)
Oct 23rd Marines Lets Go (A)
Seven Thieves ( )
Oct 30th The Big Bankroll (A)
The Wastrel (A)
Nov 6th The Inn of The Sixth Happiness (U)

Nov 13th The Queens Quards (U)
The Judas Goat ( )
Nov 20th Paris Blues (X)
The Cat Burglar (A)
Nov 27th Back Street (A)
Man Detained (U)
Dec 4th The Pajama Game (U)
The Prince and The Showgirl (A)
Dec 11th Infidelity (X)
Sea of Sand (U)
Dec 18th The Pied Piper of Hamelin (U)
The Fortune Hunter (U)
Dec 25th In The Doghouse (U)
Wings of Chance (U)


Jan 6th No.1 Predator (18)
No.2. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (U) Afternoon
Roxanne (PG) Evening
No.3 Hamburger Hill (15)
Jan 15th No.1 Predator (18)
No.2 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.3 Hamburger Hill (15)
Jan 16th Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (U) Saturday Matinee
Jan 22nd No.1 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.2 Predator (18)
No.3 Hamburger Hill (15)
Jan 23rd An American Tail (U) Afternoon Matinee
Jan 24th An American Tail (U) Afternoon Matinee
Jan 29th No.1 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.2 Predator (18)
No.3 Nadine (PG)
Feb 5th No1. Robocop (18)
No.2 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.3 Predator (18)
Feb 12th No.1 Bambi (U) Afternoon
Robocop (18)
No.2 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.3 Robocop (18) Afternoon
Angel Heart (18) Evening
Feb 19th No.1 Bambi (U) Afternoon
Robocop (18) Evening
No.2 Wish You Were Here (15)
No.3 A Night on The Town (PG) Afternoon
Robocop (18) Evening
Feb 26th No.1 The Last Emperor (15)
No.2 A Night on The Town (PG) Afternoon
Robocop (18) Evening
No.3 Wish You Were Here (15)
Feb 26th Star Trek -The Movie (PG)
Star Trek- The Wrath of Khan (PG)
Star Trek- The Search For Spock (PG)
Star Trek- The Voyage Home (PG)
All Night Charity Special
March 1st Stakeout (15) Preview
March 4th No.1 Stakeout (15)
No.2 The Last Emperor (15)
No.3 Robocop (18)
March 5th A Night on The Town (PG) Afternoon Matinee
March 6th A Night on The Town (PG) Afternoon Matinee
March 12th Masters of The Universe (PG) Afternoon Matinee
March 13th Masters of The Universe (PG) Afternoon Matinee
March 18th No.1 The Last Emperor (15)
No.2 Stakeout (15)
No.3 Baby Boom (PG)
March19th Batman (U) Afternoon Matinee
March 20th Batman (U) Afternoon Matinee
March 25th No.1 The Fox and The Hound (U) Afternoon
Stakeout (15) Evenings
No.2 The Last Emperor (15)
no.3 Rocky III (PG)
Rocky IV (PG) Afternoons
Baby Boom (PG) Evenings
March 26th Lethal Weapon (18)
Mad Max (18) Late Night Showing
March 27th Broadcast News (15) Preview
April 2nd Angel Heart (18)
Midnight Express (18) Late Night Showing
April 8th No.1 Broadcast News (15)
No.2 The Last Emperor (15)
No.3 The Fox and The Hound (U) Afternoon
Stakeout (15) Evening
April 9th The Rocky Horror Picture Show (15)
Young Frankenstien (15) Late Night Showing
April 10th No.1 Broadcast News (15)
no.2 The Last Emperor (15)
No.3 Stakeout (15)
April 15th No.1 Broadcast News (15)
No.2 The Last Emperor (15)
No.3 No Way Out (15)
April 23rd The Exorsist (18)
The Exorsist II- The Heretic (18) Late Night Showing
Three Men and a Baby (PG) Late Night Preview
April 29th No.1 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.2 The Last Emperor (15)
No.3 Broadcast News (15)
April 30th The Blues Brothers (15)
American Grafiti (15) Late Night Showing
May 6th Blade Runner (15)
The Terminator (18)
Alien (18)
Aliens (18)
All Night Charity Special
May 13th No.1 Wall Street (15)
No.2 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.3 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
May 14th Commando (18)
The Fly (18) Late Night Screening
May 21st Platoon (15)
F/X Murder By Illusion (15) Late Night Screening
May 27th No.1 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.2 Wall Street (15)
No.3 A Prayer For The Dying (15)
May 28th Roxanne (PG)
Blind Date (15) Late Night Showing
June 10th No.1 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.2 Wall Street (15)
No.3 Hello Again (PG)
June 17th No.1 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.2 Ironweed (15)
No.3 Bright Lights, Big City (18)
June 24th No.1 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.2 Ironweed (15)
No.3 Bright Lights, Big City (18)
July 1st No.1 The Monster Squad (15)
No.2 The Jungle Book (U)
No.3 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
July 2nd The Jungle Book (U) Charity Morning Matinee
July 8th No1. The Jungle Book (U)
No.2 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.3 Asterix in Britain (U) Afternoon
The Monster Squad (15) Evenings
July 15th No1. The Jungle Book (U)
No.2 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.3 Batteries Not Included (PG) Afternoon
Throw Momma From The Train (15) Evenings
July 22nd No1. The Jungle Book (U)
No.2 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
No.3 Can't Buy Me Love ( ) Afternoon
Throw Momma From The Train (15) Evenings
July 24th Star Trek - The Movie (PG)
Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan (PG)
Star Trek - The Search For Spock (PG)
Star Trek - The Voyage Home (PG)
One Day Special
July 29th No.1 The Jungle Book (U)
No.2 Vice Versa (PG)
No.3 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
Aug 5th No.1 Vice Versa (PG)
No.2 The Jungle Book (U)
No.3 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
Aug 12th No.1 Vice Versa (PG)
No.2 The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon
Throw Momma From The Train (15) Evenings
No.3 Three Men and a Baby (PG)
Aug 15th Hawks (15) Preview
Aug 19th No.1 Vice Versa (PG)
No.2 The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon
Three Men and a Baby (PG) Evenings
No.3 Hawks (15)
Aug 26th No.1 Rambo III (15)
No.2 Vice Versa (PG)
No.3 The Couch Trip (15)
Aug 27th The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Aug 28th The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Sept 3rd The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Sept 4th The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Sept 9th No.1 Big Business (PG)No.2 Shag (15)
No.3 Vice Versa (PG) Afternoon
Rambo III (15) Evenings
Sept 10th The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Sept 11th The Jungle Book (U) Afternoon Matinee
Sept 23rd No.1 The Running Man (18)
No.2 Shag (15)
No.3 Big Business (PG)
Sept 30th No.1 Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.2 The Running Man (18)
No.3 Big Business (PG) Afternoon
Shag (15) Tea-Time
Big Business (PG) Evening
Oct 7th No.1 Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.2 Buster (15)
No.3 The Running Man (18)
Oct 8th Masters of The Universe (PG) Afternoon Matinee
Oct 9th Masters of The Universe (PG) Afternoon Matinee
Oct 14th No.1 Buster (15)
No.2 Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.3 Masters of The Universe (PG) Afternoon
Three Men and a Baby (PG) Teatime
The Running Man (18) Evening
Oct 21st No.1 Big (PG)
No.2 Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.3 Buster (15)
Nov 11th No.1 Colors (18)
No.2 Big (PG)
No.3 Buster
Good Morning Vietnam (15)
Nov 18th No.1 Big (PG)
No.2 Colors (18)
No.3 Buster (15) Afternoon
Good Morning Vietnam (15) Evening
Nov 19th An American Tail (U)
Nov 20th An American Tail (U)
Nov 25th No.1 Big (PG)No.2 Buster (15)
Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.3 Colors (18)
Nov 25th The Rocky Horror Picture Show (15) Late Night Show
The Phantom of The Paradise ( ) Late Night Show
The Terminator (18) Late Night Show
Robocop (18) Late Night Show
Top Gun (15) Late Night Show
Ferris Buellers Day Off (15) Late Night Show
Nov 26th The Rocky Horror Picture Show (15) Late Night Show
The Phantom of The Paradise ( ) Late Night Show
The Terminator (18) Late Night Show
Robocop (18) Late Night Show
Top Gun (15) Late Night Show
Ferris Buellers Day Off (15) Late Night Show
Nov 26th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Nov 27th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 2nd No.1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG)
No.2 Buster (15) Afternoon
Good Morning Vietnam (15) Evening
No.3 Big (PG)
Dec 2nd Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG) Late Night Show
THe Witches of Eastwick (18) Late Night Show
Buster (15) Late Night Show
Dec 3rd Ghostbusters (PG) Afternoon
Dec 3rd Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 4th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 9th No.1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG)
No.2 Good Morning Vietnam (15)
No.3 Big (PG)
Dec 9th Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG) Late Night Show
Re-animator (18) Late Night Show
Flowers in The Attic (15) Late Night Show
Fatal Attraction (18) Late Night Show
Dec 10th Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG) Late Night Show
Re-animator (18) Late Night Show
Flowers in The Attic (15) Late Night Show
Fatal Attraction (18) Late Night Show
Dec 10th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 11th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 16th No.1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG)
No.2 Like Father, Like Son ( )
No.3 Tucker, The Man His Dream (PG)
Dec 16th Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG) Late Night Show
The Lost Boys (15) Late Night Show
The Exorcist (18) Late Night Show
Predator (18) Late Night Show
The Fly (18) Late Night Show
Dec 17th Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG) Late Night Show
The Lost Boys (15) Late Night Show
The Exorcist (18) Late Night Show
Predator (18) Late Night Show
The Fly (18) Late Night Show
Dec 17th Santa Clause The Movie (U) Afternoon Matinee
Dec 26th No.1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (PG
No.2 An American Tail (U) Afternoon
A Fish Called Wanda (15) Evening
No.3 E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (U) Afternoon
Like Father Like Son ( ) Evening


June 15th Some Like It Hot (A)

June 29th The Big Country (A)

July 13th Woman Obsessed (A)
In The Wake of A Stranger (U)
July 20th Beyond This Place (A)
Carry on Admiral (U)
July 27th Ferry To Hong Kong (U)

Aug 10th Al Capone (A)
Wolf Larsen (A)
Aug 24th The Bridal Path (U)

Aug 31st Sleeping Beauty (U)

Oct 5th The Shaggy Dog (U)
Secret of Life (U)
Oct 12th Tempest (A)
Generator 4 (U)
Oct 17th Darby O'Gill and The Little People (U)
Tonka (U)
Oct 24th The Earth is Mine (A)
Life in Danger (A)
Nov 2nd Shake Hands With The Devil (A)
High Jump (A)
Nov 9th Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (U)
Tokyo After Dark (U)
Nov 16th I Want To Live (X)
This is Burma (U)
Nov 23th The Rabbit Trap (U)
Cast A Long Shadow (U)
Nov 30th The Boy and The Bridge (U)
Gidget (U)
Dec 7th Killers of Kilimanjaro (U)
Battle of The Coral Sea (U)
Dec 14th The Night We Dropped a Clanger (U)
Cry Tough (A)
Dec 21st North West Frontier (U)
Honeymoon Island (U)


Jan 6th The Tarnished Angels (A)
Dam Citizen (A)
Jan 13th The Tin Star (A)
Spanish Affair ( )
Jan 20th Paths of Glory (A)
Baby Face Nelson (A)
Jan 27th Time Limit (A)
The Depraved (A)
Feb 3rd The Gypsy and The Gentleman (A)
An Eye For an Eye (A)
Feb 10th The Devil's Hairpin (A)
Zero Hour (U)
Feb 17th Cowboy (U)
Soho Incident (U)
Feb 24th Windom's Way (U)
Distant Neighbours (U)
March 3rd Man On Fire (A)
Bhowani Junction (A)
March 10th The Brave One (U)
Rommel's Treasure (U)
March 17th Violent Playground (A)
Crash Landing (U)
March 24th Around The World in Eighty Days (U)

April 20th Innocent Sinners (U) *Gala Premier *

April 21st Innocent Sinners (U)
The Clouded Yellow (U)
April 28th Wild is The Wind (A)
Red Garters (U)
May 5th The Quiet American (U)
Toughest Gun in Tombstone (U)
May 12th Bonjour Trstesse (A)
Escape From San Quentin (A)
May 19th No Time To Die (U)
The World Was His Jury (U)
May 26th Rooney (U)
Running Target (U)
June 2nd The Sea Wall (A)
Blazing a Trail To The Stars (U)
June 9th St. Louis Blues (U)
High Hell (A)
June 16th China Doll (A)
Fort Massacre (A)
June 23rd Dracula (X)
There's Always A Price Tag (X)
June 30th The Long Hot Summer (A)
Flaming Frontier (U)
July 7th Another Time Another Place ( )
The Naked Jungle ( )
July 14th Run Silent Run Deep (A)
On The Run (U)
July 21st Fraulein (A)
Undersea Girl (U)
July 28th The Wind Cannot Read (U)
Last of The Desperados (U)
Aug 11th The Whole Truth (A)
Return To Warbow (A)
Aug 18th Three Coins in The Fountain (U)
Broken Lance (U)
Aug 25th Law and Disorder (U)
The Spaniards Curse (U)
Sept 1st Sierra Baron (U)
How To Rob a Bank (U)
Sept 8th Man Hunt (U)
Wolf Dog (U)
Sept 15th The Missouri Traveller (U)
The Fearmakers (A)
Sept 22nd Tread Softly Strangers (A)
The Bride is Too Beautiful (A)
Sept 28th The Night Holds Terror (U) Charity Sunday Screening
The Crooked Web ( ) Charity Sunday Screening
Sept 29th A Time To Love, A Time To Die (A)
Quartez ( )
Oct 6th Rockets Galore (U)

Oct 20th The Gun Runners (A)
Terror in a Texas Town (A)
Oct 27th The Fiend Who Walked The West (X)
The Case Against Brooklyn (A)
Nov 3rd Sea Fury (A)
A Dangerous Age (A)
Nov 10th Gods Little Acre (A)
Island Women (A)
Nov 17th Rock-a-bye Baby (U)
Link of Justice ( )
Nov 24th The Man Upstairs (A)
Chain of Events (A)
The Coronation of Pope John XXIII (E)
Dec 1st Sea of Sand (U)
Hong Kong Affair (U)
Dec 8th In Love and War (A)
Lone Texan (A)
Dec 15th South Pacific (U)


January 7th Checkpoint (U)
Christine (U)
January 14th Dry Rot (U)
Affair in Reno (A)
Jan 21st Kelly and Me (U)
Gun For a Coward (U)
Jan 28th Three Violent People (A)
Escape in The Sun (A)
Feb 4th Town on Trial (A)
Reprisal (A)
Feb 11th The Counterfeit Plan (A)
Don't Knock The Rock (U)
Feb 18th The Spanish Gardner (U)
Behind The High Wall (A)
Feb 25th The King and Four Queens (A)
Hit and Run (A)
March 4th The Man From Del Rio (U)
The Silent World (U)
March 11th The Great Man (A)
The Killers (A)
March 18th Seven Waves Away (A)
Sierra Stranger (U)
March 25th The Rain Maker (A)
Crowded Paradise (A)
April 1st Ill Met By Moonlight (U)
Once Upon a Time The Grand National ( )
April 8th Tammy (U)
Appointment With a Shadow (A)
April 15th The Hunchback of Notre Dame (A)
There's Always a Thursday (A)
April 22nd Doctor at Large (U)
Lovers and Lollipops (U)
May 6th The Secret Place (A)
The Halliday Brand (A)
May 13th The Monte Carlo Story (U)
Bale Out At 43,000ft (U)
May 20th Time Without Pity (A)
The Guns For Fort Petticoat (A)
May 27th The Day They Gave Babies Away (U)
The Silken Affair (U)
June 3rd Drango (U)
The Girl in Black Stockings (A)
June 10th The Oklahoman (U)
That Woman Opposite (A)
June 17th Funny Face (U)
Hour of Decision (A)
June 24th Valerie (A)
The Shadow On The Window (A)
July 1st The Vintage
Diane (U)
July 8th Fear Strikes Out (A)
The Buster Keaton Story (U)
July 15th The Incredible Shrinking Man (A)
O'Rourke of The Mounties (U)
July 22nd Fire Down Below (A)
Ride The High Iron (A)
July 29th The Garment Jungle (A)
The Burglar (A)
Aug 5th How To Murder a Rich Uncle (U)
The Tall T (U)
Aug 12th Sweet Smell of Success (A)
Jungle Heat (A)
Aug 19th Across The Bridge (A)
Account Rendered (A)
Aug 26th Beau James (A)
Second Fiddle (U)
Sept 1st Notte Di Cabiria ( ) I.F.F. Presentation

Sept 2nd The Bachelor Party (X)
Monkey on My Back (X)
Sept 9th Manuela (A)
Hells Cross Roads (U)
Sept 16th Miracle in Soho (U)
Joe Dakota (A)
Sept 23rd Lucky Jim (U)
The Wayward Girl (A)
Sept 30th Seven Thunders (A)
Short Head (U)
Oct 7th Operation Mad Ball (U)
Domino Calhoun (A)
Oct 14th Time Lock (A)
After The Ball (U)
Oct 21st The Long Haul (A)
Calypso Heat Wave (A)
Oct 28th Loving You (U)
Short Cut To Hell (A)
Nov 4th The One That Got Away (U)
The Captains Paradise (U)
Nov 11th Man of a Thousand Faces (A)
Tammy (U)
Nov 18th The Vicious Circle (U)
Last Stage Coach West (U)
Nov 25th Jet Pilot (U)
The Sceptre and The Mace (U)
Dec 2nd End As a Man (X)
Full of Life (A)
Dec 9th The Delicate Delinquents (U)
Mister Rock and Roll (U)
Dec 16th Privates Progress (U)
The Baby and The Battleship (U)
Dec 23rd The Lady Takes a Flyer (A)
The Monolith Monsters (A)
Dec 30th Johnny Tremain (U)
Bambi (U)


January 2nd The Lady and The Tramp (U)
Laughing in The Sunshine (U)
Jan 9th Portrait of Alison (A)
Tenesse's Partner (A)
Jan 16th Artists and Models (U)
Gateway to The Antartic (U)
Jan 23rd Josephine and Her Men (U)
The Big Bluff (A)
Jan 30th The Big Knife (A)
Top Gun (A)
Feb 6th The Last Frontier (A)
The Gamma People (A)
Feb 13th To Hell and Back (A)
The Square Jungle (A)
Feb 20th The Indian Fighter (U)
Time Table (A)
Feb 27th The Benny Goodman Story (U)
Cloak Without Dagger (U)
March 5th Richard III (U)

March 12th Lost (A)
Star in The Dust (U)
March 19th Come Next Week (U)
Ali Baba (U)
March 26th The Black Tent (U)
Crime Against Joe (A)
April 2nd Davy Crockett (U)
Tons of Trouble (U)
April 9th The Rose Tattoo ( )
Flight From Vienna (U)
April 16th Who Done It? (U)
A Day of Fury (A)
April 23rd Jubal (A)
Nigeria Meets The Queen (E)
April 30th While The City Sleeps (A)
Great Day in The Morning (U)
May 7th Safari (U)
Inside Detroit (A)
May 14th The Vagabond King (U)
Toughest Man Alive (U)
May 21st Alexander The Great (U)

May 28th Dakota Incident (U) Keep It Clean (U)
June 4th The Trouble With Harry (A)
The Scarlet Hour (A)
June 11th Toy Tiger (U)
The Intimate Stranger (A)
June 18th Guilty (A)
Battle Stations (U)
June 25th Post Afrique (A)
The Houston Story (A)
July 2nd Pacific Destiny (U)
Night Freight ( )
July 9th The Bold and The Brave (A)
Race For Life (U)
July 16th The Birds and Bees (U)
The Leather Saint (U)
July 23rd Congo Crossing (A)
Raw Edge (A)
July 30th Foreign Intrigue (A)
The Killing (A)
Aug 6th Anything Goes (U)
Innocent's in Paris (A)
Aug 13th Rock Around The Clock (U)
Doctor at Sea (U)
Aug 20th Invitation To The Dance (U) * Royal Premier*

Aug 20th Eye Witness (A)
Jedda (A)
Aug 27th Away All Boats (U)
Behind The Headlines (U)
Sept 3rd He Laughed Last (U)
The Last Man To Hang (A)
Sept 10th The Ambassadors Daughter (U)
The Broken Star (A)
Sept 17th The Long Arm (U)
Edge of Hell ( )
Sept 23rd My Six Convicts ( ) * Cinema Sunday*
Okinawa ( )
Sept 24th Back From Eternity (A)
The High Terrace (A)
Oct 1st Child In The House (U)
Passport To Treason (U)
Oct 8th Run For The Sun (A)
Rebel in Town (A)
Oct 15th The Proud and The Profane (A)
Zanzabuka (U)
Oct 22nd Beyond Mombassa (U)
Miami Expose (A)
Oct 29th A Hill in Korea ( )
Raising a Riot (U)
Nov 5th A Touch of The Sun (U)
Beyond All Reasonable Doubt (A)
Nov 12th You Can't Run Away From It (U)
Blackjack Ketchum Desperado (A)
Nov 19th The Great Locomotive Chase (U)
Mam'zelle Pigajile (U)
Nov 26th Nightfall (A)
Bermuda Affair (A)
Dec 3rd Dance With Me Henry (U)
Frontier Scout (U)
Dec 10th House of Secrets (A)
I've Lived Before (A)
Dec 17th Death of A Scoundrel (A)
Tension at Table Rock (U)
Dec 24th Istasnbul (U)
Francis in The Haunted House (U)
Dec 31st Up in The World (U)
The Hide Out (U)


January 3rd Three Ring Circus (U)
The Delavine Affair (U)
January 10th The Techam Mystery (U)
Into The Blue (U)
January 17th Khyber Patrol (U)
The Golden Mistress (U)
Jan 24th The Divided Heart (U)
Mask of Dust (U)
Jan 31st The Sea Shall Not Have Them (U)
Three Steps To The Gallows (A)
February 7th Svengali (A)
Navajo (U)
Feb 14th Six Bridges To Cross (A)
Before I Wake (A)
Feb 21st To Paris With Love (A)
Shield For Murder (A)
Feb 28th Tight Spot (A)
Ten Wanted Men (U)
March 7th Rough Company (A)
The Bamboo Prison (A)
March 14th Timber-Jack (U)
The Atomic Kid (U)
March 21st Sitting Bull (U)
Little Fugitive (U)
March 28th A Prize of Gold (A)
The Other Woman (A)
April 4th Vera Cruz (A)
Black Forest (A)
April 11th As Long as They're Happy (U)
Third Party Risk (U)
April 18th Hells Island (A)
Conquest of Space (U)
April 25th Man Without a Star (A)
On The Barrier Reef (U)
May 2nd The Eternal Sea (U)
Where There's a Will (U)
May 9th A Bullet For Joey (A)
The White Orchid (A)
May 16th Valley of Fury (U)
Lady Godiva of Coventry (U)
May 23rd Above Us The Waves (U)
Police Dog (U)
May 30th The Ship That Died of Shame (A)
I Cover The Underworld (A)
June 6th Top of The World ( )
Canyon Crossroads ( )

June 13th Mambo (A)
Reluctant Heroes (U)
June 20th Chicago Syndicate (A)
Five Against The House (A)
June 27th The Far Horizons (U)
The Big Chase (A)
July 4th Female on The Beach (A)
This Island Earth (U)
July 11th Escape To Burma (A)
The Secret (A)
July 18th There's Always Tomorrow (A)
Francis in The Navy (U)
July 25th You Lucky People (U)
Naked Street (A)
August 1st The Private War of Major Benson (U)
The Outlaws Daughter (U)
August 8th The Pearl of The South Pacific (U)
Barbados Quest (U)
Aug 15th Escapade (U)
Windfall (U)
Aug 22nd The Seven Little Foyes (U)
Crooked Ring (A)
Aug 29th Bring Your Smile Along (U)
Wyoming Renagades (U)
Sept 5th Footsteps in The Fog (A)
The Gun That Won The West ( )
Sept 12th The Woman For Joe (U)
Santa Fe Passage (U)
Sept 19th The Shrike (A)
The Hornets Nest (U)
Sept 26th Man of The Moment (U)
One Way Out (U)
Oct 3rd The Last Command (U)
City of Shadows (A)
Oct 10th The Man From Laramie (U)
A Life at Stake (A)
Oct 17th The Spoilers (U)
The Kettels in The Ozarks (U)
Oct 24th Gentelmen Marry Brunettes (A)
Robbers Roost (U)
Oct 31st Touch and Go (U)
Among The Headhunters (U)
Nov 7th Lucy Galliant (U)
The Silver Star (U)
Nov 14th Summer Madness (A)
Murder is My Beat (A)
Nov 21st Summer Madness (A)
Storm Fear (A)
Nov 28th The Second Greatest Sex (U)
The Vanishing American (U)
Dec 5th Count Three and Pray (A)
I Had Seven Daughters (A)
Dec 12th Texas Lady (U)
Benghazi (U)
Dec 19th The Girl Rush (U)
The Blue Peter (U)
Dec 26th Simon and Laura (A)
Running Wild (A)


Jan 1st Mr Music (U)
Echoes of Long Ago (U)
Jan 8th The Clouded Yellow (U)
Easy Street ( )
Jan 15th Lili Marlene (U)
The Underworld Storm (A)
Jan 22nd Frenchie (A)
Katie Did It (U)
Jan 29th Girl of The Year (A)
Frightened City (A)
Feb 5th Union Station (A)
Tripoli (U)
Feb 12th Harriet Craig (A)
Between Midnight and Dawn (A)
Feb 19th Into The Blue (U)
Radar Secret Service (U)
Feb 26th Where Danger Lives (A)
Born To Be Bad (A)
March 5th Pandora and The Flying Dutchman (A)

March 12th Whisky Galore (A)
Floodtide (A)
March 19th I'll Get By (U)
The Man Who Cheated Himself (A)
March 26th Samson and Delilah (U)

April 2nd Branded (A)
Motor Patrol (A)
April 9th Fourteen Hours (A)
The Tougher They Come (A)
April 16th Pool of London (A)
The Cure (U)
April 23rd The Thirteenth Letter (A)
The Tattooed Stranger (A)
April 30th Kim (U)

May 7th The Browning Version (A)
Hey, Hey, U.S.A. (A)
May 14th Cinderella (U)
Seal Island (U)
May 21st Pagan Love Song ( )
Cause For Alarm (A)
May 28th Traveller's Joy (A)
Smugglers Island (A)
June 4th A Tale of Five Cities (A)
The Scarf (A)
June 11th Circle of Danger (U)
The Company She Keeps (A)
June 18th Your in The Navy Now (U)
Fugitive Lady (A)
June 25th Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man (U)
Hollywood Story (A)
July 2nd There is Another Sun (A)
Apache Drums (A)
July 9th Payment on Demand (A)
Hunt The Man Down (A)
July 16th Bonaventure (A)
The Groom Wore Spurs (U)
July 23rd Call Me Sister (U)
The House on Telegraph Hill (A)
July 30th Bird of Paradise (A)
No Room at The Inn (A)
Aug 6th Up Front (U)
Cattle Drive(U)
Aug 13th Ace in The Hole (A)
Dear Brat (U)
Aug 20th Hell is Sold Out (A)
When I Grow Up (U)
Aug 27th Calling Bulldog Drummond (U)
Kind Lady (A)
Sept 3rd Lorna Doone (U)
The Big Gusher ( )
Sept 10th The Man in The White Suit (U)
Double Deal (A)
Sept 17th Comin Round The Mountain (U)
The Prince Who Was a Thief ( )
Sept 24th His Kind of Woman (A)
Rhythm Inn (U)
Oct 1st Chicago Masqurade (U)
Iron Man (A)
Oct 8th Red Mountain (A)
Bunco Squad (A)
Oct 15th Half Angel (U)
As Young As You Feel (U)
Oct 22nd Decision Before Dawn (A)
Fathers Wild Game (U)
Oct 29th High Treason (A)
The Showdown (A)
Nov 5th He Ran All The Way (A)
Madame Louise (U)
Nov 12th Mr Belvadere Rings The Bell (U)
Night Beat (A)
Nov 19th Lets Make It Legal (U)
Peking Express (A)
Nov 26th Cave of Outlaws (A)
Oliver Twist (A)
Dec 3rd Submarine Command (U)
Rhubarb (U)
Dec 10th Meet Danny Wilson (A)
The Lady From Texas (U)
Dec 17th The Secret of Convict Lake (A)
The Guy Who Came Back (A)
Dec 24th Scroodge ( U)
Carlotta ( )
Dec 31st Where No Vultures Fly (U)


Jan 2nd A Run For Your Money (U)
This Modern Age (U)
Jan 9th Tokyo Joe (A)
Trouble Makers (A)
Jan 16th The Rocking Horse Winner (A)
This Modern Age - Harvest From The Wilderness (U)
Jan 23rd The Romantic Age (A)
The Story of Molly X (A)
Jan 30th East of Java (A)
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass (U)
Feb 6th Mighty Joe Young (A)

Feb 13th The Reckless Moment (A)
Innocence is Bliss (U)
Feb 20th Jolson Sings Again (U)

Feb 27th Paid in Full (A)
Dear Wife (U)
March 6th The Blue Lamp (A)

Champions in The Making (E)
March 13th Golden Salamander (U)
Project X (A)
March 20th Holiday Affair ( )

A Dangerous Profession ( )
March 27th Madeleine (A)
Free For All (U)
April 3rd Morning Departure (A)
This Modern Age- Report on Hong Kong (U)
April 10th Bagdad (U)
Borderline (A)
April 17th Woman in Hiding (A)
Francis (U)
April 24th Riding High (U)

May 1st They Were Not Divided (A)

May 8th Appointment With Danger (A)
Beauty on Parade (U)
May 15th Africa Screams (U)
Outpost in Morocco (U)
May 22nd The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend (A)
The Prisoner of Zenda (U)
May 29th The Reluctant Widow (A)
I Was a Shoplifter (A)
June 5th The Body Said No (A)
Lost Boundaries (A)
June 12th Mother Didn't Tell (A)
Oh You Beautiful Doll ( )
June 19th Under My Skin (A)
Canadian Pacific (U)
June 26th Chance of a Lifetime (U)
Arson Inc. (A)
July 3rd Double Crossbones (U)
Deported (A)
July 10th Night and The City (A)
Animal Kingdom (E)
July 17th The Capture (A)
Ichabod and The Toad (A)
July 24th Dividing Line (A)
The Eagle and The Hawk (A)
July 31st So Long at The Fair (U)
The Great Plane Robbery (A)
August 7th Fortunes of Captain Blood (U)
Sentence Suspended (U)
Aug 14th Abbott and Costello in The Foreign Legion (U)
Shakedown (A)
Aug 21st Bitter Springs (U)
The Sleeping City (A)
Aug 28th Trio (A)
Father Makes Good (U)
Sept 4th Waterfront (A)
The Man in Grey ( )

Sept 11th A Ticket to Tomahawk (U)
Old Mother Riley Headmistress (U)
Sept 18th Fancy Pants (U)
Highway 13 (A)
Sept 25th Nancy Goes To Rio (U)
Right Cross (U)
Oct 2nd Rogues of Sherwood Forest (U)
Cargo To Capetown (U)
Oct 9th Broken Arrow (U)
Dick Barton at Bay (U)
Oct 16th Cage of Gold ( )
The Great Rupert (U)
Oct 23rd The Milkman (U)
Saddle Tramp (U)
Oct 30th Duchess of Idaho (U)
The Violent Hour (A)
Nov 6th Mister 880 (U)
Kill The Umpire (U)
Nov 13th Seven Days Till Noon (A)
Tough Assignment ( )
Nov 20th The Heiress (U)
Lady Eve (U)
Nov 27th Her Favourite Husband (A)
The Glass Mountain ( )
Dec 4th The Magnet (U)
Take My Life (A)
Dec 11th Woman on The Run (A)
Wyoming Mail (U)
Dec 18th Lets Dance (U)
State Penitentiary ( )
Dec 25th The Mudlark (U)
Shooting Star (U)


February 12th Khartoum (U)

March 13th The Bible (U)

April 24th Casino Royale (U)

May 8th The Night of The Generals (A)

May 15th A Countess From Hong Kong (A)

May 22nd Follow Me Boys (U)
Wind in The Willows (U)
May 28th Hombre (A)
The Naked Brigade (U)
June 5th Torbruk (A)
The Ride To Hangmans Tree (U)
June 12th A Fistfull of Dollars (X)
Lord Love a Duck (U)
June 18th The Joker (U)
Texas Across The River (U)
June 26th Maroc 7 (A)
Lets Kill Uncle (A)
July 3rd The Gnome Mobile (U)
The Million Dollar Collar (U)
July 10th The Way West (A)
Frozen Alive (A)
July 17th In Like Flint (A)
Road To St. Tropez (A)
July 31st Privilege (A)
The Lively Set (U)
August 3rd Swan Lake (U) One day special.

August 7th The Sand Peebles (A)

Sept 4th The Whisperers (A)
Terror in Tokyo (A)
Sept 10th South Pacific (U)

Sept 28th An Evening With The Royal Ballet (U) One day special

Oct 2nd Oklahoma (U)

Oct 16th The Long Duel (U)
The Plank (U)
Oct 23rd Divorce American Style (A)
7 Guns for The MacGregors (A)
Oct 29th Two For The Road (A)
Sudden Summer (U)
Nov 6th In The Heat of The Night (A)
The Soldier (A)
Nov 9th Aida (U) One day special

Nov 13th Pretty Polly (A)
I Like Birds (A)
Nov 20th Berserk (X)
Torture Garden (X)
Nov 27th The War Wagon (U)
The Perils of Pauline (U)
Dec 4th The Tenth Victim (A)
Night of The Big Heat (X)
Dec 9th Billion Dollar Brain (A)
The Second Sin (U)
Dec 18th The Fall of The Roman Empire (U)

Dec 25th Doctor Dolittle (U)


January 14th Dead of Night (A)
Land of The Outlaws (U)
January 21st Ten Little Indians (A)

January 28th Lady on a Train (A)
On Stage Everybody (U)
February 4th Over 21 (U)
Within These Walls (A)
February 11th You Came Along (A)
March of Time (U)
February 18th Guest Wife ( )
Enter Arsene Lupin (A)
February 25th Road To Utopia (U)
India Strikes (U)
March 4th Johnny Frenchman (U)

March 11th A Thousand and One Nights (A)

March 18th Those Endearing Young Charms (A)
The Counte of Monte Cristo (U)
March 25th State Fair (U)
March of Time (U)
April 1st Fallen Angel (A)
Bedside Manner (A)
April 8th The Rakes Progress (A)
March of Time (U)
April 15th Tarzan and The Leopard Woman (U)
Mama Loves Papa (A)
April 22nd Brief Encounter (A)

April 29th She Wouldn't Say Yes (A)
My Name is Julia Ross (A)
May 6th The Dolly Sisters (A)

May 13th Tomorrow is Forever (A)

May 20th Wonder Man (A)

May 27th Whistle Stop (A)
People Are Funny ( )June 3rd The Spanish Main ( )

June 10th Pinocchio (U)
What a Woman ( )
June 17th The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (U)
Life With Blondie ( )
Victory Parade ( )
June 24th Scarlet Street ( )
July 1st Two Years Before The Mast (A)
Why Girls Leave Home (A)
July 8th Wanted For Murder (A)

July 15th Renegades (U)
Blondies Lucky Day (U)
July 22nd Caravan (A)

August 5th Gilda (A)
I Found Out (U)
Iron Masters (U)
August 12th The Years Between (A)
Terror By Night (A)
August 19th The Captive Heart (A)
An Englishman's Home (U)
August 26th The Crimson Canary (A)
The Virginian (A)
Sept 2nd From This Day Forward (A)
Lady of Mystery ( )
Sept 9th Somewhere in The Night (A)
Hit The Hay ( )
Sept 16th Caesar and Cleopatra (U)

Sept 23rd Spellbound (A)

Oct 7th Do You Love Me (U)
Blackies Rendezous (A)
Oct 14th Theirs is The Glory

Oct 21st The Bells of St. Mary's (U)

Nov 4th Men of Two Worlds (A)

Nov 11th Anna and The King of Siam (A)

Nov 18th Centennial Summer (U)

Nov 25th A Genius in The Family ( )
Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Code (A)
Dec 2nd Concerto (U)

Dec 9th The Stranger (A)
March of Time (U)
Dec16th The Time of Their Lives (U)
Shadow of Terror (A)
Dec 23rd Great Expectations (A)

Dec 30th A Matter of Life and Death ( )


January 6th Make Mine Music ( )
Grand Escapade ( )
This Modern Age no. 3 ( )
January 13th A Night in Casablanca (U)
The Phantom Theif ( )
January 20th London Town (U)

January 27th Monsieur Beaucaire (A)
The Great Failure ( )
February 3rd Carnival ( )
The Man Who Lost Himself (U)
February 10th The Jolson Story (U)
Donald Duck- Donald's Double Trouble (U)
February 17th Canyon Passage (U)
The Runaround (A)
February 24th Three Little Girls in Blue (U)

March 3rd The Killers (A)

March 10th The Kid From Brooklyn (U)
The Goldwyn Girls ( )March 17th Green For Danger (A)
Splitface (A)
March 24th Hungry Hill (A)

March 31st 13 Rue Madeline (A)
Moonlight Melodies (U)
April 7th Song of The South (U)
Blackie and The Law (A)
April 14th The Outlaw (U)

April 28th Nocturne (A)
Lady Luck (A)
May 5th Boomerang (A)
Step By Step (A)
May 12th California ( ) Blondies Big Moment ( )May 19th The Root of All Evil (A)
Genius At Work (A)
May 26th Margie (U)
Game of Death (A)
June 2nd Magnificent Doll (A)
Son of Dracula (A)
June 9th Welcome Stranger (A)

June 16th Dead Reckoning (A)
This Modern Age no.5 (U)
June 23rd Black Narcissus (A)

June 30th Notorious (A)
July 7th High Window (A)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (A)
July 14th Hue and Cry (U)
Caught in a Draft (U)
July 21st The Man Within ( )

July 28th The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (U)
Falcon's Alibi (A)
Aug 4th Tarzan and The Huntress (U)
Born To Speed (U)
Aug 11th I'll Be Yours (U)
Michigan Kid (U)
Aug 17th The Brothers (A) Film Premier

Aug 18th The Brothers (A)
Down Cuba Way (U)
Aug 25th The Upturned Glass (A)

Sept 1st The Loves of Joanna Godden (A)
Cigarette Girl (A)
Sept 8th Holiday Camp (A)

Sept 15th Carnival in Costa Rica (U)

Sept 22nd So Well Remembered (A)

Sept 29th The Ghost And Mrs Muir (A)
Happy Holiday (U)
Oct 6th The Egg and I (U)

Oct 13th Down To Earth (A)
The Thirteenth Hour (A)
Oct 20th Bob, Son of Battle (U)
It Happened Tomorrow ( )
Oct 27th The Web (A)
The Vigilante Returns (U)
Nov 3rd Copacabana (U)
Her First Romance (U)
Nov 10th The October Man (A)

Nov 17th Captain Boycott (A)

Nov 24th Uncle Silas (A)
The Little Ballerina (U)
Dec 1st The Long Night (A)
They Got Me Covered ( )
Dec 8th The End of The River (A)
Royal Wedding Pictures in Colour.
Dec 15th Dishonoured Lady (A)
Keeper of The Bees (U)
Louis Vs. Walcott
Dec 22nd The White Unicorn (A)

Dec 29th The Big Heart (U)


January 5th Monsieur Verdoux (A)

January 19th Desert Fury (A)
Mystery of Wentworth Castle (A)
January 26th Hellzapoppin (U)
Slave Girl (U)
February 2nd The Macomber Affair (A)
Little Iodine (U)
February 9th When The Bough Breaks (A)
Circus Boy (U)
February 16th Christmas Eve (A)
San Quentin (A)
February 23rd It Always Rains on Sundays (A)
Ginger (U)
March 1st Crossfire (A)
Stork Bites Man (U)
March 8th Heaven Only Knows (A)
Atlantic Express (A)
March 15th Easy Money (A)
Key Witness (A)
March 22nd Pygmalion (A)
The Captive Heart (A)
March 29th The Mark of Cain (A)
Topper (A)
April 5th Against The Wind (A)
Death in The Hand (A)
April 12th Indian Summer (A)
Dangerous Moonlight (A)
April 19th Saigon (A)
Jitterbugs (U)
April 26th Daughter of Darkness (A)
Night Work (U)
May 3rd Personal Colum (A)
Devil on Wheels (A)
May 10th Bambi (U)
Up in Arms (U)
May 17th The Best Years of Our Lives (A)

May 31st The Big Clock (A)
Road To Happiness (U)
June 7th The Lady From Shanghai (A)
Beautiful But Broke (U)
June 14th The Calendar ( )
Olympic Preview (U)
June 21st Broken Journey (A)
Keep Em Flying (U)
June 28th Nothing Sacred (A)
Deadline at Dawn (A)
July 5th I Love Trouble (A)
The Moon and Sixpence (A)
July 12th Blanche Fury (A)
Flight to Nowhere (A)
July 19th Escape (A)
Bush Pilot (U)
July 26th The Bandit of Sherwood Forest ( )

Dick Barton Special Agent ( )
Aug 2nd Forever Amber (A)

Aug 16th Three Weird Sisters (A)
Springtime in The Rockies (U)
Aug 23rd The Red Shoes (A)

Sept 6th Gentleman's Agreement (A)

Sept 13th Snowbound (A)
The Return of The Whistler (A)
Sept 20th The Jolson Story ( )

Sept 27th XIV Olympiad- The Glory of Sport (U)

Oct 4th The Bishops Wife (A)

Oct 18th The Wistful Widow (U)

Oct 25th Sleeping Car To Trieste (A)

Nov 1st The Naked City (A)

Nov 8th Saraband For Dead Lovers (A)
This Modern Age - Shadow of The Rhur (U)
Nov 15th All My Sons (A)
Fortune Lane (U)
Nov 22nd A Foreign Affair ( )
A Piece of Cake (U)
This Modern Age- Rape of The Earth (U)
Nov 29th The Blind Goddess (A)
Heading For Heaven (A)
Dec 6th Oliver Twist (A)
The Thames (U)
Dec 20th The Weaker Sex (A)
The Challenge (A)
Dec 27th Here Comes The Huggetts (U)
This Modern Age no. 23 (U)


January 4th Between Us Girls (U)
Halfway To Shanghai (A)
January 11th The Goose Steps Out (U)
Men of San Quentin ( )
January 18th My Girl Sal (U)

January 25th Went The Day Well (A)
McGuerins From Brooklyn (U)
February 1st The War Against Mrs Hadley (U)
The Postman Didn't Ring (A)
February 8th The Forest Rangers (A)
The Devil With Hitler (U)
February 15th King Arthur Was a Gentleman (U)
One Thrilling Night (A)
February 22nd The Big Street (A)
Man's World (A)March 1st Date With an Angel (U)
Sin Town (A)
March 8th Berlin Correspondent (U)
Women Aren't Angels (A)
March 15th The Majors and The Minors (U)
Malta- Island of The George Cross (U)
March 22nd My Sister Eileen (U)
Stand By All Networks (A)
March 29th Desert Victory (U)
Pittsburgh (A)
April 5th Pride of The Yankees (U)
Goofy- How To Play Baseball (U)
April 12th Nine Men (A)
Rubber Racketeers (A)
April 19th It's That Man Again (U)
Lady Bodyguard ( )
April 26th Arabian Nights (A)
Hi Buddy (U)
May 3rd You Were Never Lovelier (U)

May 10th The Moon and Sixpence (A)
Trouble Through Billets (U)
May 17th Happy Go Lucky (U)
Flying With Music (U)
News- Allies Enter Tunis
May 24th Katina (U)
Daring Young Man (U)
May 31st Andy Hardy's Double Life (U)

June 7th Springtime in The Rockies (U)

June 14th Get Cracking (U)
Lucky Legs (U)
June 21st A Night To Remember (A)
Fires Were Started (U)
June 28th Money For Jam (U)
Quiet Please Murder (A)
July 5th Once Upon a Honeymoon (A)

July 12th The Light of Heart (A)
Time To Kill (A)
July 19th Commandos Strike at Dawn (A)

July 26th Miss London Ltd. (U)
Laugh Your Blues Away (U)
Aug 2nd Mademoiselle France (U)

Aug 9th Girl Trouble (U)
One Dangerous Night (A)
Aug 16th Thunder Birds (U)
How About It (U)
Aug 23rd Something To Shout About (U)
Keep Em Slugging ( )
Aug 30th Desperados (U)
Power of The Press (A)
Sept 6th Tarzan Triumphs (U)
Rhythm Parade (U)
Sept 13th Hello Beautiful (U)
Youth Takes a Hand (U)
Sept 20th Hangmen Also Die (A)
Donald Duck- Donald's Garden (U)
Sept 27th For Ever and A Day (U)

Oct 4th The More The Merrier (U)
Mug Town (A)
Oct 11th Hello Frisco Hello (U)

Oct 18th The Meanest Man in The World (U)
Reveille With Beverley ( )
Oct 25th The Moon is Down (A)
Redhead From Manhattan (U)
Nov 1st Crash Dive (U)

Nov 8th The Man in Grey (A)
Donald Duck Cartoon (U)
Nov 15th Dixie (U)
After Midnight (A)
Nov 22nd Dear Octopus (A)
A Gentle Gangster (A)
Nov 29th Bataan (A)

Dec 6th Rhythm Seranade ( )
The Battle of Britain (U)
Dec 13th Disney's Victory Through Air Power (U)
Murder in Times Square (A)
Dec 20th Hers To Hold (U)
Donald Duck Cartoon (U)
Dec 27th Millions Like Us (U)


January 3rd Heaven Can Wait

January 10th Hi Diddle Diddle (A)

January 17th Stormy Weather ( )
Jitterbugs ( U)
January 24th Stage Door Canteen (U)

January 31st The Lamp Still Burns (A)
Henry Gets Glamour (U)
February 7th Holy Matrimony (U)
Crime Doctor (A)
February 14th First Comes Courage (A)
Doughboys in Ireland (U)
February 21st Winter Time (U)
Honeymoon Lodge (A)
February 28th Flesh and Fantasy (A)
What's Buzzin Cousin (U)
March 6th The Sky's The Limit (U)
Here Comes Kelly (U)
March 13th Sweet Rosie O'Grady (U)

March 20th The Destroyer (U)
It's A great Life (U)
March 27th Texas To Tokyo (U)
Never a Dull Moment (A)
April 3rd Bell Bottom George (U)

April 10th Guadacanal Diary (A)
The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo ( )
April 17th The Lodger (A)
Dangerous Blondes (A)
April 24th Sahara (A)
Is Everybody Happy (U)
May 1st Crazy House (U)
Your a Lucky Fellow Mr Smith (U)
May 8th Bees in Paradise (A)
Headin For Gods Country (U)
May 15th Jack London ( )
Nearly Eighteen (U)May 22nd Tarzans Desert Mystery (U)
So's Your Uncle (U)
May 29th Heaven is Round The Corner (U)
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (A)
June 5th Song of Russia (A)

June 12th The Sullivans (U)
News- Invasion Pictures (U)
June 19th Time Files (U)
Spider Woman (A)
June 26th Beautiful Cheat (U)
The Strangest Case (A)
July 3rd Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves (U)
She's For Me (A)
July 10th Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (U)
Henry's Little Secret (U)
July 17th Fanny By Gaslight (A)

July 24th Melody Inn (U)
Mystery of The Thirteenth Guest (A)
July 31st Uninvited (A)
A Scream in The Dark (A)
August 7th Buffalo Bill (U)
Footlight Glamour (U)
August 14th Pygmalion (A)
Weird Woman (A)
August 21st The Happy Breed (A)

Sept 4th Tampico (A)
Weekend Pass (U)
Sept 11th The Way Ahead (U)

Sept 18th Johnny Apollo (A)
Knickerbocker Holiday (U)
Sept 24th A Canterbury Tale (U) Film Premier

Sept 25th A Canterbury Tale (U)

Oct 2nd Cover Girl (U)

Oct 9th Up in Mabel's Room (A)
The Man in The Iron Mask (A)
Oct 16th If I had My Way (U)
Give Us The Moon (U)
Oct 23rd Pin Up Girl (U)

Oct 30th Follow The Boys (U)

Nov 6th The Song of Bernadette (U)

Nov 13th Going My Way (U)

Nov 20th Mr Emmaneul (A)
Lets Have Fun (U)
Nov 27th Christmas Holiday (A)

Dec 4th 2000 Women (A)
The Silver Key (A)
Dec 11th English Without Tears (A)
The Scarlet Claw (A)
Dec 18th Sweet and Low Down (U)
Bermuda Mystery (A)
Dec 25th The Hairy Ape (A)
She Has What It Takes (U)


January 1st Snow White and The Three Clowns (U)
Laurel and Hardy The Dancing Masters (U)
January 15th Judgement at Nuremberg (A)

January 27th The Day The Earth Caught Fire (X)
Part-Time Wife (A)
February 3rd Pocketful of Miracles (U)
Transport Command (U)
February 17th The Valiant (A)
X-15 (X)
February 24th The Best of Enemies (U)
Enter Inspector Duval (U)
March 3rd The Comancheros (A)
Woman Hunt (A)
March 12th Exodus (A)

March 26th South Pacific (U)

April 14th Sergeants Three (U)
She Always Gets Her Man (U)
April 30th Flower Drum Song (U)
Sea Sanctuary (U)
May 7th The Devil Never Sleeps (A)
Freedom To Die (A)
May 14th The Happy Thieves (A)
Veracruz (A)
May 21st Pillow Talk (A)
Operation Peticoat (U)
May 28th A Pair of Briefs (A)
Taxi To Torbruk (U)
June 4th Light in The Plazza (A)
The Horizontal Lieutenant ( )
June 11th El Cid ( )

August 4th Bon Voyage (U)
Disneyland After Dark (U)
August 20th That Touch of Mink (U)
Emergency (U)
Sept 10th Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (U)
Air Patrol (U)
Sept 24th The Lion (U)
Swinging Along (U)
Oct 1st The Phantom of The Opera (A)
Captain Clegg ( )
Oct 8th Dr No (A)
Deadly Duo (U)
Oct 29th Life For Ruth (A)
Band of Thieves (U)
Nov 5th West Side Story (A)

Dec 17th Birdman of Alkatraz (U)
Behave Yourself (U)
Dec 24th In Search of Castaways (U)
Six Gun Law (U)


January 14th The Notorious Landlady (A)
To Yuma (A)
January 21st The Amourous Prawn (U)
Behind The Great Wall (U)
January 28th Kid Gallahad (U)
Between Those Four Walls ( )
February 4th Reach For Glory (X)
Woman of The River (A)
February 11th The Fast Lady (A)
Strangle Hold (A)
February 25th The Longest Day (A)

April 29th Sammy Going South (U)
Wedding of The Year ( )
May 6th Call Me Bwana (U)
On The Run (U)
May 20th Lancelot and Guinevere (A)
The Fur Collar (U)
May 27th Two For The See-Saw (X)
Explosive Generation (X)
June 3rd The List of Adrian Messenger (A)
Showdown (A)
June 17th The Yellow Canary (A)
The Navy Lark (U)
June 24th The War Lover (X)
The Break (A)
July 1st Mouse on The Moon (U)
Sons of Thunder (U)
July 8th All This and Money Too (A)
The Spanish Sword (U)
July 15th Savage Sam (U)
The Horse Without a Head (U)
July 22nd Diamond Head (A)
Private Pooley (A)
July 29th The Great Escape (U)

August 12th Lawrence of Arabia (A)

Oct 21st From Russia With Love (A)

Nov 11th 55 Days in Peking (U)


January 20th Cleopatra (A)

April 6th Father Came Too (A)
Impact (U)
April 13th The Ceremony (A)
Lilies of The Field (U)
April 19th McLintock (U)
One Mile Square (U)
April 27th Captain Newman (A)
Safety is No Accident (U)
May 11th Doctor in Love (A)
Dentist in The Chair (U)
May 18th The Chalk Garden (U)
Secrets of Budda (A)
May 25th Dr Strangeglove (A)

June 1st The Incredible Journey (U)
The Waltz King (U)
June 8th Woman of Straw (A)

June 15th Man in The Middle (A)
The Sky Above (A)
June 22nd Saturday Night Out (X)
The Spectre (X)
June 29th The Beauty Jungle (A)
Master Spy (U)
July 6th The Finest Hours (U)

July 13th A Hard Day's Night (U)

August 9th The Moonspinners (U)
Penny For Your Thoughts (U)
August 17th The Magnificent Showman (U)

August 31st What A Way To Go (A)

Sept 7th The Moonspinners (U)
Penny For Your Thoughts (U)
Sept 14th Marnie (X)
Return To The Island ( )
Oct 5th The Girl Hunters (A)
The Canadians (U)
Oct 11th Wild in The Country (A)
The Deerslayers (U)Oct 12th The Pumpkin Eater (X)
Amazing New Zealand (U)
Oct 19th Irma La Douce (X)

Nov 2nd The Fall of The Roman Empire (U)

Nov 30th The Seventh Dawn (A)
U.K. Swings Again (U)
Dec 7th The Black Torment (X)
The Big Risk (A)
Dec 13th The Big Country (A)

Dec 21st The Wizard of Oz (U)
Tom Thumb (U)
Dec 28th Topkapi (U)


January 18th Becket (A)

February 8th Lord of The Flies (X)
The Comedy Man (X)
February 14th The Magnicicent Seven (U)

February 22nd Send Me No Flowers (A)
I'd Rather Be Rich (U)
March 1st It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (U)

March 7th Rio Conchos (A)
Lifetime of Comedy (U)
March 15th Goodbye Charlie (A)
Call Me Captain (U)
March 22nd North By North West (A)
The Red Badge of Courage (U)
March 29th The Ipcress File (A)
Taggart (A)
April 18th The Sound of Music*

* continuous run until 12th February 1967.


January 1st Double Indemnity (A)

January 8th Song of The Open Road (U)
Eternally Yours (A)
January 15th Abroad With Two Yanks (U)
Lousianna Hayride (A)
January 22nd Love Story (U)

January 29th Arms and The Woman (A)
Shadows in The Night (A)
February 5th In Society (U)
Kansas City Kitty ( )
February 12th Greenwich Village (U)

February 19th Gypsy Wildcat (U)
Allergic To Love (U)
February 26th He Snoops To Conquer (U)

March 5th Irish Eyes are Smiling (U)

March 12th The Impatient Years (A)
Music in Manhattan (A)
March 19th Casanova Brown (A)
Pass To Romance ( )
March 26th Practically Yours (A)

April 2nd Madonna of The Seven Moons (A)

April 16th The Merry Monahans (A)
The Pearl of Death ( )
April 23rd Together Again ( )

April 30th Frenchmans Creek (A)

May 7th Wilson (U)

May 14th The Woman in The Window (A)
Secrets of Scotland Yard (A)
May 21st A Song To Remember (A)

June 4th Winged Victory (U)

June 11th Since You Went Away (U)

June 25th A Place of Ones Own (A)
Song of Nevada (U)
July 2nd Hangover Square (A)
Ever Since Venus (U)
July 9th The Keys of The Kingdom (A)

July 16th Belle of The Yukon (A)
Million Dollar Kid ( )
July 23rd Tonight and Every Night (A)

July 30th The Guest in The House (A)

August 6th Sudan (A)
Carolina Blues (U)
August 13th A Man Called Sullivan (A)
Behind Closed Doors (A)
August 20th A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (A)

August 27th Tarzan and The Amazons (U)
Leave it To Blondie (U)
Sept 3rd They Were Sisters (A)

Sept 17th The Fifth Chair (A)
Blue Beard (A)
Sept 24th Thunderhead Son of Flicka (U)
Minsteral Man (U)
Oct 1st Salty O'Rourke (A)
G.I. Honeymoon (A)
Oct 8th I'll Be Your Sweetheart (A)
Steel (U)
Oct 15th Salome Where She Danced (A)
Betrayed From The East (A)
Oct 22nd Blood on The Sun (A)
Don Chicago (A)
Oct 29th Incendiary Blonde (A)

Nov 5th Enchanted Cottage (U)
What a Blonde (A)
Nov 12th The Princess and The Pirate (A)
The Doctors Courage (A)
Nov 19th Henry V (U)

Nov 26th The Naughty Nineties (A)
Strange Illusion (A)
Dec 3rd It's a Pleasure (A)
There Goes Kelly (A)
Dec 10th The Three Caballeros (U)

Dec 17th Junior Miss (U)
Crime Inc. (A)
Dec 24th Nob Hill (A)

Dec 31st The Wicked Lady (A)