Tuesday, 13 January 2009


February 12th Khartoum (U)

March 13th The Bible (U)

April 24th Casino Royale (U)

May 8th The Night of The Generals (A)

May 15th A Countess From Hong Kong (A)

May 22nd Follow Me Boys (U)
Wind in The Willows (U)
May 28th Hombre (A)
The Naked Brigade (U)
June 5th Torbruk (A)
The Ride To Hangmans Tree (U)
June 12th A Fistfull of Dollars (X)
Lord Love a Duck (U)
June 18th The Joker (U)
Texas Across The River (U)
June 26th Maroc 7 (A)
Lets Kill Uncle (A)
July 3rd The Gnome Mobile (U)
The Million Dollar Collar (U)
July 10th The Way West (A)
Frozen Alive (A)
July 17th In Like Flint (A)
Road To St. Tropez (A)
July 31st Privilege (A)
The Lively Set (U)
August 3rd Swan Lake (U) One day special.

August 7th The Sand Peebles (A)

Sept 4th The Whisperers (A)
Terror in Tokyo (A)
Sept 10th South Pacific (U)

Sept 28th An Evening With The Royal Ballet (U) One day special

Oct 2nd Oklahoma (U)

Oct 16th The Long Duel (U)
The Plank (U)
Oct 23rd Divorce American Style (A)
7 Guns for The MacGregors (A)
Oct 29th Two For The Road (A)
Sudden Summer (U)
Nov 6th In The Heat of The Night (A)
The Soldier (A)
Nov 9th Aida (U) One day special

Nov 13th Pretty Polly (A)
I Like Birds (A)
Nov 20th Berserk (X)
Torture Garden (X)
Nov 27th The War Wagon (U)
The Perils of Pauline (U)
Dec 4th The Tenth Victim (A)
Night of The Big Heat (X)
Dec 9th Billion Dollar Brain (A)
The Second Sin (U)
Dec 18th The Fall of The Roman Empire (U)

Dec 25th Doctor Dolittle (U)

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