Tuesday, 13 January 2009


June 15th Some Like It Hot (A)

June 29th The Big Country (A)

July 13th Woman Obsessed (A)
In The Wake of A Stranger (U)
July 20th Beyond This Place (A)
Carry on Admiral (U)
July 27th Ferry To Hong Kong (U)

Aug 10th Al Capone (A)
Wolf Larsen (A)
Aug 24th The Bridal Path (U)

Aug 31st Sleeping Beauty (U)

Oct 5th The Shaggy Dog (U)
Secret of Life (U)
Oct 12th Tempest (A)
Generator 4 (U)
Oct 17th Darby O'Gill and The Little People (U)
Tonka (U)
Oct 24th The Earth is Mine (A)
Life in Danger (A)
Nov 2nd Shake Hands With The Devil (A)
High Jump (A)
Nov 9th Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (U)
Tokyo After Dark (U)
Nov 16th I Want To Live (X)
This is Burma (U)
Nov 23th The Rabbit Trap (U)
Cast A Long Shadow (U)
Nov 30th The Boy and The Bridge (U)
Gidget (U)
Dec 7th Killers of Kilimanjaro (U)
Battle of The Coral Sea (U)
Dec 14th The Night We Dropped a Clanger (U)
Cry Tough (A)
Dec 21st North West Frontier (U)
Honeymoon Island (U)

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