Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Jan 9th Tunes of Glory (A)
Seaward The Great Ships (U)
Feb 6th The Wackiest Ship in The Army (U)
The Trunk (A)
Feb 13th A Breath of Scandal (A)
Blue Print For A Robbery (A)
Feb 21st Spartacus (A) Gala Premier

Feb 22nd Spartacus (A)

May 1st Double Bunk (A)
The Wind of Change (A)
May 8th Cry For Happy (A)
High School Caesar ( )
May 15th The Big Gamble (U)
Day's of Thrills and Laughter (U)
May 22nd Spare The Rod (A)
The Impersanator (A)
May 29th Reach For The Sky (U)
Doctor at Sea (U)
June 5th The Alamo (U)

July 17th The Secret Ways (A)
Posse From Hell (A)
July 24th The Misfits (A)
This is Lebanon (U)
July 31st Flame in The Streets (A)
Partners in Crime (U)
Aug 7th The Absent Minded Professor (U)
The Horse Masters (U)
Aug 14th Two Rode Together (A)
A Question of Suspence (A)
Aug 21st The Young Savages (X)
Here We Go Again (U)
Aug 26th The Last Rhino (U) Sat. Morning Premier.

Aug 28th The Last Sunset ( )
Information Received ( )
Sept 4th No, My Darling Daughter (U)
Murder in Arden (U)
Sept 11th The Hoodlum Priest (A)
Compelled (U)
Sept 18th Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea (U)
Dossier (U)
Sept 25th The Parent Trap (U)
The Horse With The Flying Tail (U)
Oct 2nd The Defiant Ones (A)
So Evil, So Young (A)
Oct 9th Goodbye Again (A)
Girls,Girls, Girls (U)
Oct 16th A Cold Wind in August (X)
Mary Had a Little (X)
Oct 23rd Marines Lets Go (A)
Seven Thieves ( )
Oct 30th The Big Bankroll (A)
The Wastrel (A)
Nov 6th The Inn of The Sixth Happiness (U)

Nov 13th The Queens Quards (U)
The Judas Goat ( )
Nov 20th Paris Blues (X)
The Cat Burglar (A)
Nov 27th Back Street (A)
Man Detained (U)
Dec 4th The Pajama Game (U)
The Prince and The Showgirl (A)
Dec 11th Infidelity (X)
Sea of Sand (U)
Dec 18th The Pied Piper of Hamelin (U)
The Fortune Hunter (U)
Dec 25th In The Doghouse (U)
Wings of Chance (U)

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