Tuesday, 13 January 2009


January 1st Snow White and The Three Clowns (U)
Laurel and Hardy The Dancing Masters (U)
January 15th Judgement at Nuremberg (A)

January 27th The Day The Earth Caught Fire (X)
Part-Time Wife (A)
February 3rd Pocketful of Miracles (U)
Transport Command (U)
February 17th The Valiant (A)
X-15 (X)
February 24th The Best of Enemies (U)
Enter Inspector Duval (U)
March 3rd The Comancheros (A)
Woman Hunt (A)
March 12th Exodus (A)

March 26th South Pacific (U)

April 14th Sergeants Three (U)
She Always Gets Her Man (U)
April 30th Flower Drum Song (U)
Sea Sanctuary (U)
May 7th The Devil Never Sleeps (A)
Freedom To Die (A)
May 14th The Happy Thieves (A)
Veracruz (A)
May 21st Pillow Talk (A)
Operation Peticoat (U)
May 28th A Pair of Briefs (A)
Taxi To Torbruk (U)
June 4th Light in The Plazza (A)
The Horizontal Lieutenant ( )
June 11th El Cid ( )

August 4th Bon Voyage (U)
Disneyland After Dark (U)
August 20th That Touch of Mink (U)
Emergency (U)
Sept 10th Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (U)
Air Patrol (U)
Sept 24th The Lion (U)
Swinging Along (U)
Oct 1st The Phantom of The Opera (A)
Captain Clegg ( )
Oct 8th Dr No (A)
Deadly Duo (U)
Oct 29th Life For Ruth (A)
Band of Thieves (U)
Nov 5th West Side Story (A)

Dec 17th Birdman of Alkatraz (U)
Behave Yourself (U)
Dec 24th In Search of Castaways (U)
Six Gun Law (U)

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