Tuesday, 13 January 2009


January 3rd Heaven Can Wait

January 10th Hi Diddle Diddle (A)

January 17th Stormy Weather ( )
Jitterbugs ( U)
January 24th Stage Door Canteen (U)

January 31st The Lamp Still Burns (A)
Henry Gets Glamour (U)
February 7th Holy Matrimony (U)
Crime Doctor (A)
February 14th First Comes Courage (A)
Doughboys in Ireland (U)
February 21st Winter Time (U)
Honeymoon Lodge (A)
February 28th Flesh and Fantasy (A)
What's Buzzin Cousin (U)
March 6th The Sky's The Limit (U)
Here Comes Kelly (U)
March 13th Sweet Rosie O'Grady (U)

March 20th The Destroyer (U)
It's A great Life (U)
March 27th Texas To Tokyo (U)
Never a Dull Moment (A)
April 3rd Bell Bottom George (U)

April 10th Guadacanal Diary (A)
The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo ( )
April 17th The Lodger (A)
Dangerous Blondes (A)
April 24th Sahara (A)
Is Everybody Happy (U)
May 1st Crazy House (U)
Your a Lucky Fellow Mr Smith (U)
May 8th Bees in Paradise (A)
Headin For Gods Country (U)
May 15th Jack London ( )
Nearly Eighteen (U)May 22nd Tarzans Desert Mystery (U)
So's Your Uncle (U)
May 29th Heaven is Round The Corner (U)
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (A)
June 5th Song of Russia (A)

June 12th The Sullivans (U)
News- Invasion Pictures (U)
June 19th Time Files (U)
Spider Woman (A)
June 26th Beautiful Cheat (U)
The Strangest Case (A)
July 3rd Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves (U)
She's For Me (A)
July 10th Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (U)
Henry's Little Secret (U)
July 17th Fanny By Gaslight (A)

July 24th Melody Inn (U)
Mystery of The Thirteenth Guest (A)
July 31st Uninvited (A)
A Scream in The Dark (A)
August 7th Buffalo Bill (U)
Footlight Glamour (U)
August 14th Pygmalion (A)
Weird Woman (A)
August 21st The Happy Breed (A)

Sept 4th Tampico (A)
Weekend Pass (U)
Sept 11th The Way Ahead (U)

Sept 18th Johnny Apollo (A)
Knickerbocker Holiday (U)
Sept 24th A Canterbury Tale (U) Film Premier

Sept 25th A Canterbury Tale (U)

Oct 2nd Cover Girl (U)

Oct 9th Up in Mabel's Room (A)
The Man in The Iron Mask (A)
Oct 16th If I had My Way (U)
Give Us The Moon (U)
Oct 23rd Pin Up Girl (U)

Oct 30th Follow The Boys (U)

Nov 6th The Song of Bernadette (U)

Nov 13th Going My Way (U)

Nov 20th Mr Emmaneul (A)
Lets Have Fun (U)
Nov 27th Christmas Holiday (A)

Dec 4th 2000 Women (A)
The Silver Key (A)
Dec 11th English Without Tears (A)
The Scarlet Claw (A)
Dec 18th Sweet and Low Down (U)
Bermuda Mystery (A)
Dec 25th The Hairy Ape (A)
She Has What It Takes (U)

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