Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gaumount- British

By the late thirties the financial state of Gaumount- British was not good. In the early thirties it had been a major force in the entertainment market, but as early as ten years on they were in a decline. There were new companies standing on the sidelines ready, just waiting for the right moment to step in and take over what they had built. Gaumount had made a name for its self as a rival to Pathe, producing news reels and films the world wanted to see.

Gaumount British was owned and controled by the Oster brothers. 20TH Century Fox also had a stake in the company too. Shares had been sold to Fox; to help Gaumount move into the sound era.

For all their ups and downs. Gaumount British survived right up until the forties until they truly became part of the Rank empire. Rank it's said wanted to make films, and if you wanted to make films, you needed somewhere to show them.

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