Tuesday, 3 February 2009


January 1st Stanley and Livingstone (U)
Donald Duck- Sea Scouts (U)
The Scuttling of the Graf Spee (E)
January 8th The Sun Never Sets (A)
The Family Next Door (U)
January 15th Goodbye Mr Chips (U)

January 22nd Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (U)
The Man Who Knew To Much (A)
January 29th The Modern Miracle (U)
The Jones Family in Hollywood (U)
February 5th Frozen Limits (U)
6,000 Enemies (A)
Donald Duck- Ugly Duckling (U)
February 12th Bachelor Mother (A)
Bad Lands (A)
March of Time Uncle Sam The Farmer
February 19th Susannah of The Mounties (U)
News is Made at Night (A)
March of Time No. 9 (U)
February 26th Lady of The Tropics (A)
March 4th In Name Only (A)
Fugitive at Large (A)
March 11th Escape to Happiness (U)
Flight of Fame (U)
Three Little Sew and Sews (U)
March 18th The Women (A)

March 25th The Rains Came (A)
March of Time No.10 (U)
April 1st First Love (U)
The Day The Bookies Wept (U)
April 8th Band Wagon (U)
Mickey The Kid (A)
April 15th Fifth Avenue Girl (A)
Sons of The Sea (U)
April 22nd The Proud Valley (A)
Hidden Power (A)
April 29th Babes in Arms (U)
Drunk Driving- Crime Does Not Pay (A)
Radio Hams (U)
Picturesque Udaipur (U)
May 6th For Freedom (U)
Mr Wong at Headquarters (A)
May 13th Day Time Wife (A)
Bad Little Angel (U)
March of Time no.12- Canada at War
May 20th The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame (A)
Donald Duck & Goofy- Fox Hunt (U)
Sailors Courageous (E)
May 27th I Stole a Million (A)
Married and in Love (A)
June 3rd Balalika (U)
March of Time no. 13 (U)
June 10th Drums Along The Mohawk (A)
The Boys With The Guns (U)
June 17th Of Mice and Men (A)
The Man From Montreal (U)
June 24th Judge Hardy and Son (U)
Mexican Spitfire (U)
July 1st A Chump at Oxford (U)
Spirit of The People (U)
July 8th I Take This Woman (A)
Flight at Midnight ( )
July 15th The Shop Around The Corner (U)
Money isn't Everything (U)
July 22nd Swanee River (U)
City of Chance (U)
July 29th My Little Chickadee (A)
The Courageous Dr Christian (A)
August 5th Let George Do It (U)
Fighting Mad (U)
March of Time no.2 (U)
August 12th The Birth of a Baby (no one under 18 admitted)
shown on behalf of the national baby welfare council.
August 19th Charley's (Big Hearted) Aunt (U)
The Marines Fly High (A)
August 26th Vigil in The Night (A)
Glamour Boy (U)
Sept 2nd The Primrose Path (A)
Pack Up Your Troubles (U)
Sept 9th The Blue Bird (U)
Little Orvie (U)
Sept 16th My Favourite Wife (A)
In The Nick of Time (U)
Sept 23rd Irene (U)
Men of The Lightships (U)
Mickey Mouse- Tugboat Mickey (U)
Sept 30th Rebecca (A)
March of Time No. 4 (U)
Oct 7th Forty Little Mothers ( )
I Take This Oath ( )
Oct 14th Tom Brown's Schooldays (U)
Cross Country Romance (U)
Oct 21st Pinocchio (U)
Mutiny in The Country (U)
Oct 28th Convoy (A)
The Marshal of Mesa City (U)
Nov 4th Gaslight (A)
Pop Always Pays (U)
Nov 11th Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (U)
Curtain Call (U)
Nov 18th Waterloo Bridge (A)
The Villain Still Pursued Her (U)
Nov 25th When Daltons Rode (A)
Anne of Windy Willows (U)
Dec 2nd Turnabout (A)
Mystery of Wentworth Castle (A)
Dec 9th I Want a Divorce (A)
Little Accident (U)
Dec 16th South of Pago Pago (A)
Just Kids (E)
Isles of The East (E)
Dec 23rd Sailors Three (U)
Alien Sabotage (A)
Dec 30th Boys From Syracuse (U)
Your Not So Tough (U)

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